f you are looking for a great philosophical punk album to bring a smile to your face on a bleak day then look no further than 'Fire Up, Ready to Roll', the debut full length from Calgary's Hillbilly punks, 'Puttin' On The Foil'. There's no political agenda or message, just a fun, sing-a-long, drinkin' album that's uplifting and electrifying and politically incorrect to the point of being an art form, packed with kickass punk 'n roll.
Jools GreenPunk Globe
Calgary is home to three of the most important Hillbilly’s you will ever need to know — Puttin’ On The Foil. They plan to make you a part of their singin-a-long, drinkin’, good time trainwreck with their electrifying, kickass punk’n roll music.
Jason VanceOook
Their music is fun and infectious extolling the virtues of blue-collar pursuits like drinking, partying, and having a good time. As might be suspected, Puttin’ On The Foil is a bit on the slapstick side of serious. Their name comes from the hockey movie Slapshot, where the three Hanson brothers covered their fists in foil before a game. When asked by the coach what were they doing, came their reply, “Puttin’ On The foil.”
This album has literally a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink and rap music on it and it’s a country, rock, punk, metal party if there ever was one- even if there was one, it wouldn’t matter- this is the party.
Reggie EdwardsThe Front Row Report
Ten songs of hillybilly infused punk rock that pretty much begs the listener to sing and drink along with them, Puttin’ On The Foil (yes, a reference to the glorious Hanson Brothers from Slapshot) is a mixture of Hank Williams and Motorhead, some Social Distortion with Mojo Nixon.
Bobby GormanThe Punk Site
Now here is one Fuck of an album especially when it comes to the lyrics in the song. The album is a cross between country, Metal and Rock. The lyrics, how in the hell do I even start explaining the lyrics in this album. For me the lyrics are some of the funniest ones that I have heard in a real long time and that actually work within the song.
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